Atkinson Public Library District
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Mission Statement
The purpose of the Atkinson Public Library District is to serve the informational, cultural, educational, and recreational needs of all library district residents regardless of age or educational background by providing access to the universe of information.

Library Cards
A free library card will be issued to any resident of the library district, for non-residents a fee will apply.
Checkout Policy
Patrons must have a valid library card to checkout.  Anyone holding a valid Illinois library card may check out any available item. Items available for checkout:  Books, magazines, VHS tapes, DVD's, audio books, music CD's.
Checkout Period
Books and audio books are available for a 2 week checkout period.  Material is renewable once unless on reserve.  Magazines, VHS tapes, DVD's and music CD's are available for a 1 week checkout period. Material is renewable once unless on reserve.
Charges and Fines
Overdue materials:  Fines on overdue materials shall be: 5 cents a day on books, tapes and magazines.
Overdue interlibrary loan materials shall be assessed a fine according to board policy.

Public Computer Use Policy

The Internet
The Internet has been variously defined as a group of worldwide information resources and a network of computer networks. The Library cannot control what is available on the Internet as the content is constantly changing and is not monitored. This policy is interpreted in conjunction with other existing policies, copies of which are available upon request.

Patron Assistance and Instruction
Librarians do not provide in-depth computer use training. However, they may offer search suggestions or print versions of Internet guides which are available upon request.

Computer Workstation Limitations
Due to limited disk drive space and/or printing capabilities, the Library does not allow users to download files onto a computer’s hard drive. Documents may be saved to a personal storage device. The Library does not directly provide e-mail accounts. Encryption is not available on the Library’s Internet terminals. Due to this limitation and because computers are in public view, patrons are discouraged from using these terminals for sending personal information, such as credit card or social security numbers.

User Responsibilities
The Internet is a global electronic network which provides access to a wide variety of material and opinions from diverse points of view. Some library users may consider certain information available via the Internet controversial or offensive. The Atkinson Public Library has no control over the information available via the Internet. It is not possible, or within the role of the Library staff, to monitor users. However, Internet users should be aware that the viewing of certain materials in the Library may be considered improper in time, place, or matter. Internet access is not to be used for any unlawful activities. The Library reserves the right to end an Internet session at any time if the user is engaged in unlawful activity, creating a disturbance, or if what is being viewed is deemed inappropriate under the circumstances. Patrons are subject to the Library’s Disruptive Behavior Policy and the Unattended Children’s Policy which states that children who are under the age of 13 may not be left by themselves in the Library. Users will be held financially responsible for any damage or alteration to equipment or software that results from any misuse of equipment.

Supervision of Children
The responsibility for supervision of children’s use of any Library materials, including computer access, belongs to the parents or guardians of the child. Some material available on the Internet may be deemed inappropriate for children by their parents or guardians. Parents or guardians, not the Library or its staff, are responsible for the information accessed by children.

Procedures for Use
The Library reserves the right to establish procedures for use of public computer workstations in order to make access available to all persons on a timely basis. Public use computer procedures are available on the library’s public access computers and copies are available at the library’s Information Services Desks.

Wi-Fi Policy

The Atkinson Public Library offers wireless network "Wi-Fi" access to the
Library's Internet service for properly equipped laptops. Use of the Internet in the Library constitutes acceptance of the Library's Internet Use Policy.

Please read the policy before accessing the network or see a librarian for a written copy of the full policy.


In order to use the wireless network, the users will need to bring their 802.11a or 802.11g enabled device.


The Library's wireless network is not secure and is an open network. The Library cannot guarantee the safety of traffic across its wireless network.  The Library assumes no responsibility for the configurations, security or

files on laptops resulting from connection to the Library's network.


Information sent to or from a laptop can be captured by anyone else with a wireless device and appropriate software, within the range of the access point.


The Library is not able to provide technical assistance, and there is no guarantee that patrons will be able to make a wireless connection. If assistance is needed; contact the manufacturer of the laptop or software. The Library is not responsible for any changes made to computer's settings.


The Library does not support printing through the wireless network.

Kindle Policy
Approved by Library Board 11/12/2012

To borrow a Kindle you must be at least 18 years old with an Atkinson Library card in good standing (no fines or overdue materials). A current address & telephone number are required.

By checking out a Kindle you assume responsibility for any damage, loss or theft of the device while it is checked out to you.

In the event of loss or theft of a Kindle, you are responsible for the entire replacement cost of the Kindle, its case, cable & adapter for a total of $150.

In the event of damage, you are responsible for the entire cost of replacing the device and/or its case, cable & adapter.

The loan period for a Kindle is 28 days with no renewals. A fine of $5 per day will be assessed if the Kindle is overdue. Once the Kindle is overdue by 30 days, it will be considered lost and you will be fined the replacement cost of the Kindle and its case EVEN IF IT IS LATER RETURNED.

DO NOT RETURN IN BOOK DROP! Returning in book drop will result in a $25 minimum fine.

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